Amazing 3D Spider Tattoo Ideas

Believe it or not, spiders have come into existence way longer than we humans do, with some of the earliest known amber fossils dating back a hundred million years ago in the Early Cretaceous period. Their long-dated history have made them become the focus of the many stories and myths of different cultures for centuries. The spiders symbolize patience due to their nature of setting up webs and traps for a waiting prey, as well as being threatening due to their venomous bites. 3D  spider tattoos have emerged to become quite popular these days and as they are considered small to medium size tattoos, you can pretty much choose to tattoo them on any part of your body. The most common locations that we notice are tattooed on the neck, shoulders, rib cages, and exposed areas of your legs. You can have your 3D spider tattoo in multiple colors such as red and black or simply tattoo a small spider in black, the choice is yours!  The 3D spider tattoos are perfect tattoo ideas for men or women as long as you are not fearful of them!

tattoo ideas 3d spider4 Amazing 3D Spider Tattoo Ideas

As you can see in these pictures, having the spiders tattooed on your neck or shoulders can really give other people goosebumps! They look extremely realistic and are almost impossible to detect unless someone comes really close.

tattoo ideas 3d spider2 Amazing 3D Spider Tattoo Ideas

If you want a bigger tattoo and need more space, some people tend to opt to have it on their back. In the image below, you can see this person has a huge 3D spider tattoo on his back and it slightly extends to his shoulders as well. This is great as it allows you to get really creative with all the small details and have an amazing tattoo!

tattoo ideas 3d spider13 Amazing 3D Spider Tattoo Ideas

As you can see, these tattoos are not just something the guys like; ladies love spider tattoos as well! You can see an example in the picture below of a girl who has a spider tattoo on her back.

tattoo ideas 3d spider5 Amazing 3D Spider Tattoo Ideas

Hope you liked our collection of spider tattoos and we definitely recommend you to get a similar tattoo if you love these little beasts! Or, if you want to give your friends the goosebumps and seem like the ‘tough one’!

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