Angel Wing Tattoo Ideas

You’re looking for angel wing tattoo ideas, eh? Well, you’re not fooling me, I know you’re no angel. Still, there’s something about angel wings that does make them a very appealing design in art, isn’t there? To those of faith, they represent purity, power and splendor. To those not of faith, they represent beauty, and in a lot of artwork, are used to add a bit of eroticism and exotic flair to characters and designs in modern times.

So, if you’re looking for angel wing tattoo ideas, I can understand why. There are two reasons why you may be interested, so let’s look at the two, and make some suggestions depending on your motive for getting such a tattoo.

angelwings Angel Wing Tattoo IdeasTwo Angel Wings On Your Back

Do know that this is a very involved tattoo job, and one that’s going to take a lot of time, a lot of money and be pretty painful as well. While some small designs of wings on other parts of the body are also done, they are usually wings added to a specific depiction of a being or the like, rather than existing on their own.

If you are of faith, and are looking not only for a tattoo, but one of angel wings, then you’re a moderately rare breed. Many belief systems which call for belief in angels also disapprove of marking one’s skin. Still, to say that all beliefs like this would disapprove or even care is a blanket statement and therefore wrong by default. In the case of the faithful wishing to represent their faith or their perceived redemption in the eyes of their almighty, the classic dove wing design is the way to go, as none of the others really relate, within realms of Abrahamic faith at least.

For those looking for something that’s just kind of exotic and interesting, there are more choices, as angel and deity wings have a wide array of designs that could all be associated with angelic design. Beyond the classic dove wing which was inspiration for what we typically call angel wings, there are several other forms of angel and wings to accompany them outside the Christian mythos.

The Mesopotamians were arguably the first culture to portray winged servants of their gods, which had very angular and interesting eagle wing designs, rather than dove wings as was popular with Abrahamic faiths. You see few of these nowadays, and that’s a shame because they’re really the only other design that works for a full back implementation.

angels wings Angel Wing Tattoo IdeasColorful Wings Tattoo

However, if you’re open to the smaller shoulder blade concept, you have some stylistic choices to go with. You can use small dove or eagle wings, but you can also take inspiration from modern game and cartoon design, with the simplistic anime style wings, with the inverted spiral replacing the inner most feathers. These are especially effective and adorable on women.

I could go on about angel wing tattoo ideas for a long time, so I’ll just stop here. You have a lot of choices, just look around, and notice that there’s more to angel wing designs than you probably thought before reading this.

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