Angel Wing Tattoos For Men and Women

And we bring to you yet another great tattoo idea - looks great on women but also has a ‘manly version’ (more of a dragon)! These tattoos usually appear in some variation of this design:

wing 300x300 Angel Wing Tattoos For Men and Women

This is the basic design of an Angel Wing Tattoo. Of course, there’s thousands of different variations that people derive from this piece of art, but the general idea is the same. Where on their body do people get this tattoo? It varies, but quite often it’s on their back. This design itself is in fact extremely common and a modified and twisted version of this is often seen on people’s upper back.

It may appear at first that this tattoo is intended mostly for women. This, however, is not true at all. Slight variations of this are often adapted by men and they look great in fact. Although men may refer to their tattoos differently and call them “dragons” instead of Angel Wings, the design is indeed quite similar. Let’s have a look at one.

dragon 300x110 Angel Wing Tattoos For Men and Women

As you can see clearly, the Dragon Tattoo above is exceedingly well done and in no shape or form seems feminine. It in fact the complete opposite in this case and gives the person a very dominating image.

So if so many people have it, why should I still get it? We know this is the question going on in your mind. Although this is a fairly common idea, the variations of it can be quite interesting. Be creative, think of different ways of changing this tattoo, and create a whole new unique and rare design!  We saw earlier how the tattoo looked on a man’s back, now let’s take a look at another variation adapted mostly by the women.

angel wings tattoos 3 300x225 Angel Wing Tattoos For Men and Women

As you can see, many girls opt to have the tattoo colored in and make it extremely pretty. The image seen above was taken almost right after the lady got the tattoo (hence all the red around the tattoo); once the tattoo ages in a few days, it will look even better!

Still confused? Here you can see many more examples of an angel wing tattoo. Once you visit the link and see, you’ll realize the scope of these angel wing tattoos!

Think think think, and twist up the wings and come up with a mind blowing tattoo for yourself! Expecting to see some great tattoos in the comments!

See you!

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