Animal Tattoo Ideas

When looking for animal¬†tattoo ideas, it’s important to remember first of all that there are better places than others to put a tattoo. Remember, while tattoos are a great way to express oneself and embrace the purest and rawest sense of art, there come times in our lives where we must look and represent ourselves in a certain way. This means that tattoos should always be in locations that can comfortably be covered up should we find ourselves in need of the ability to.

That said, that leaves most of the body beyond the head, hands and maybe forearms, with which to work. A famous tattoo artist once said that the human body is a canvas waiting the tough of the brush, through which the greatest beauty can be brought out through the soul itself.

monkeytattoo Animal Tattoo IdeasA monkey on your back

So, you’re an animal lover, looking for animal tattoo ideas. First, stop and think of why you want an animal tattoo. Is there a specific species or range of species of animals to which you feel a special relation? Are you a cat or dog lover? Are you an advocate of animal rights or the preservation of a species that’s in danger?

If so, then you probably have a general idea of the types of animals you want, of course, but there are a number of ways to represent these animals in ink. Realistic portraiture of animals is possible with a skilled tattoo artist, but man does the detailing hurt, and man is it expensive to do. You may be better off in some cases in going with a less realistic depiction. Try something stylistic or even vaguely cartoon-esque if possible. This is especially possible with cats, dogs and fish, which are popular animals in the tattoo world. You’ll see more stylized versions of these animals than you will realistic depictions, and for good reason.

FierceAnimalTattoo Animal Tattoo IdeasA Fierce Animal Tattoo

But, let’s say you’re just looking for a cool animal that may represent your attitude on life. What kind of animal best exemplifies your attitude? Are you a free spirit who wants to roam and not be tied down? An eagle probably best represents you.
Are you a hard working, steadfast and honest person? Then perhaps you’re best represented by the lion or the bear, which by tribes near these animals’ habitats have always revered them to be the personifications of.

Are you a strong fighter who wants to stand for what’s right and what you believe? Then you need perhaps a tiger, or maybe wolf, both strong, confident animals that represent these powerful philosophies.¬†In the end, it just depends on what animal you feel really relates the most to you. Think long and hard, because when you settle on one of the available animal tattoo ideas, it’s pretty much permanent unless you want to go through painful procedures to remove it. But, with enough time and thought, you can find the animal that best depicts you, and in which you see a special kind of beauty above and beyond the rest of the animals in the world. Know yourself, and you will know the right animal for your skin to bear.

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