Captivating Dolphin Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Dolphins are considered noble and peaceful animals, not to mention they are often regarded as one of the most intelligent animals on Earth. Dolphins are also common symbols in Greek mythology, where spotted dolphins in open seas are considered a good omen to the ship and its crew members. The good signs and its positive social nature has made dolphins become one of the most popular tattoo designs for young women, as well as men who are looking to adopt a more friendly image.

The amazing part with dolphin tattoos are that they go pretty well with any other additional tattoo designs you want to place next to them. Some common tattoo ideas that go along well with dolphins are love signs, hearts, flowers, and blue waters. One of the best color combinations include a grey dolphin together with bright blue waters and pink floral designs. For guys, they may choose a more dark-inked and stroke-like designs to display the cool side of dolphins. Either you want to look cute or cool, dolphin tattoos are captivating tattoo ideas for men or women who are looking to add some splash onto their body tattoos! You may also wish to check out our Cute Dolphin Tattoos for more inspiration. Ready yourselves now to check out some of the most captivating dolphin tattoo art!

tattoo ideas dolphin4 Captivating Dolphin Tattoo Ideas and Designs

This is a more commonly designed dolphin tattoo in blue ink, complemented with some pink and red floral tattoo designs. Looks really neat actually.

tattoo ideas dolphin2 Captivating Dolphin Tattoo Ideas and Designs

If one dolphin is not enough for you, how about getting them in pairs? Two is always better than one, at least that is what they tell ya at the tattoo studio!

tattoo ideas dolphin1 Captivating Dolphin Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Tattooing dolphins on your back or arms not flashy enough? Well a deep-blue dolphin tattoo on your breasts would definitely give a huge surprise to your male and female friends!

tattoo ideas dolphin5 Captivating Dolphin Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Dolphin tattoos can really be an amazing tattoo art piece when done professionally into a full-piece tattoo suit. This fascinating  dolphin tattoo suit happens to look super awesome on the back of a women.

tattoo ideas dolphin3 Captivating Dolphin Tattoo Ideas and Designs

If cute and adorable dolphin tattoos are not your style, then a bad-ass looking tribal dolphin design may be your thing. Chicks love it and dig into it, so give it a try guys!

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