Cloud Tattoos Designs For Beautiful Look

Cloud tattoos are best to be drawn in blue colors since the clouds are seen in whitish blue color.If you want to write some quotes or any sentences, then it suits well rather than any other complex and mild pictures. It also proves stylish and familiar things to be identified by many people seeing it on your body. You can also draw some thunder near the clouds to make it more attractive.

batman tattoo Cloud Tattoos Designs For Beautiful Look

Since clouds are liquid mass, we can assume it on any shapes and colors. With more colors and thickness, the cloud tattoos will look more stylish and act as a cover up. For Chinese people, clouds meant transformation and soul change but according to the Greeks and Romans, it shows Gods homesteads.

clouds tattoo8 Cloud Tattoos Designs For Beautiful Look

For Hindus and Tibetan people, the clouds are merely considered transition force and supernatural. Hence you can draw the clouds dropping some rain or shining the sun light rays and so on. It is just your creativeness and you can create any innovative concepts over clouds and put the inks over any part of the body. Since, clouds are mutual to both men and women, both sexes are inking these tattoos. But mostly, these tattoos are seen in the chest and on the forearms.

 normal lees july 2012 080 1 Cloud Tattoos Designs For Beautiful Look

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