Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas

We have been writing a lot on animal tattoos lately and we sure hope you like them! Today we are sharing with you another great animal tattoo idea — the Koi Fish Tattoo Design. A bit on the background, the word Koi comes from Japanese, meaning “carp”, and is is often used in the symbols of Irezumi, which is the traditional art of Japanese tattooing. So if you are into Japanese-style tattoos, Koi Fish tattoos are definitely one of the traditional Japanese tattoos you may want to consider.

Koi Fish Tattoos are perfect tattoo ideas for those who liken the meanings of bravery, strength to face all odds, and being a non-conformist propelling ideas forward in current societies. The placement of Koi Fish Tattoos really depend on your personal preferences, as the small ones goes well with pretty much any parts of your body, while the larger inks are more commonly left for the arm sleeves or back suit pieces. Some of the most common colors goes with gold, yellow, orange, red — or if you like in plain black-ink. If fish ain’t your type, then perhaps dogs may interest you more — check out our Inking Your Dog Tattoo Ideas post for more inspirations!

tattoo ideas koi fish1 Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas

Koi Fish can look real tough… especially when inked as an Arm Sleeves Design!

tattoo ideas koi fish5 Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas

As you can see a dark-inked Koi Fish Design on your upper back can look really awesome!

tattoo ideas koi fish4 Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas

A very lively Koi Fish Tattoo with sea water and floral designs! Perfect for inking on your back!

tattoo ideas koi fish3 Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas

A big orange-red colored theme of a Koi Fish Tattoo art piece on the back, nice!

tattoo ideas koi fish6 Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas

A Koi Fish Tattoo Design on your legs are also a popular choice to ink!

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