When looking for animal tattoo ideas, it’s important to remember first of all that there are better places than others to put a tattoo. Remember, while tattoos are a great way to express oneself and embrace the purest and rawest sense of art, there come times in our lives where we must look and represent ourselves in a certain way. This means that tattoos should always be in locations that can comfortably be covered up should we find ourselves in need of the ability to.

That said, that leaves most of the body beyond the head, hands and maybe forearms, with which to work. A famous tattoo artist once said that the human body is a canvas waiting the tough of the brush, through which the greatest beauty can be brought out through the soul itself.

monkeytattoo Animal Tattoo IdeasA monkey on your back

So, you’re an animal lover, looking for animal tattoo ideas. First, stop and think of why you want an animal tattoo. Is there a specific species or range of species of animals to which you feel a special relation? Are you a cat or dog lover? Are you an advocate of animal rights or the preservation of a species that’s in danger?

If so, then you probably have a general idea of the types of animals you want, of course, but there are a number of ways to represent these animals in ink. Realistic portraiture of animals is possible with a skilled tattoo artist, but man does the detailing hurt, and man is it expensive to do. You may be better off in some cases in going with a less realistic depiction. Try something stylistic or even vaguely cartoon-esque if possible. This is especially possible with cats, dogs and fish, which are popular animals in the tattoo world. You’ll see more stylized versions of these animals than you will realistic depictions, and for good reason.

FierceAnimalTattoo Animal Tattoo IdeasA Fierce Animal Tattoo

But, let’s say you’re just looking for a cool animal that may represent your attitude on life. What kind of animal best exemplifies your attitude? Are you a free spirit who wants to roam and not be tied down? An eagle probably best represents you.
Are you a hard working, steadfast and honest person? Then perhaps you’re best represented by the lion or the bear, which by tribes near these animals’ habitats have always revered them to be the personifications of.

Are you a strong fighter who wants to stand for what’s right and what you believe? Then you need perhaps a tiger, or maybe wolf, both strong, confident animals that represent these powerful philosophies. In the end, it just depends on what animal you feel really relates the most to you. Think long and hard, because when you settle on one of the available animal tattoo ideas, it’s pretty much permanent unless you want to go through painful procedures to remove it. But, with enough time and thought, you can find the animal that best depicts you, and in which you see a special kind of beauty above and beyond the rest of the animals in the world. Know yourself, and you will know the right animal for your skin to bear.


Tattoo ideas for women have changed in the 21st century, and this is a good thing. Like the role of women in society, no longer must the ink work that ladies choose be stereotypical and limiting to their femininity. Obviously, there will always be some designs and ideologies which are far more befitting to women than to men and vice versa because, equal or not, we’re very different creatures and this is a good thing when it’s all said and done.

So, when looking for tattoo ideas for women, ladies are no longer limited to the stereotypes of hearts and cutesy things that they once were, but of course, some tattoo ideas may not look good on a woman and accentuate her natural beauty and personality. So, what works, beyond the traditional and old hat concepts? Well, many things. Women can wear tribal tattoo designs, especially Polynesian and South American ones rather well. The truth is, these are very gender neutral, but I must say, having known women with such tattoos, they can look incredibly flattering when placed properly – and no I do not mean in naughty areas.

RoseTattoo Traditional Tattoo Ideas For WomenThe good old tattoo – a Rose

Symbols of various forms are also mostly gender neutral, and I see women taking to them more than men. Things like peace signs and ancient insignias representing various social ideas seem to be popular with ladies born after 1985, and the trend is growing. One design that was originally considered very masculine are the barbed wire and thorn patterns on arms and legs, which is now being widely adopted by women. It looks better on women than men, it turns out, so by the end of this decade, it’ll likely be considered something of theirs far more than something belonging to the guys. Now, despite the fact that I pointed out an end to stereotypes, there are a few “typically” feminine design ideas that look wonderful and shouldn’t be shirked just because they -are- women’s designs. Roses and lilies are very attractive flowers, and they tend to look very nice on women. They’re feminine but without being overtly so. They’re classy, and they tend to resist the passing of time and the aging of skin pretty well due to their color fortitude.

Of course, just about any tattoo design will work on a woman if it works on a man, with some exceptions. But, these are the ones that I’ve seen and remember off the top of my head that worked really well on nice looking ladies to just enhance their appearance yet further. If looking for tattoo ideas for women, these are absolutely an excellent starting point, though they far from end here. Take these suggestions, and continue research from here before making any choices.


Now we come to the fun one, crazy tattoo ideas. We’re not looking at gender, cultural heritage or anything like that for these, these are just unabated creativity at its finest. In the 21st century, there’s a lot of inspiration to be had, and there are some pretty ingenious tattoo ideas out there from all interests. Crazy tattoo ideas are the most fun, because they’re expressive and boundless, and don’t re quire nearly the demure forethought that other types of tattoos might. They just simply require you to think first about what you’re interested in, what you find appealing visually, and couple these with what you don’t mind being on your body for the rest of your mortal days.

So, let’s talk about some crazy tattoo ideas, starting with my personal favorite, gaming tattoos. I want to talk about this because I myself have a couple game-related tattoos, and I’m proud of them. Being a Mario fan, I have a blue shell tattoo between my shoulder blades, and a 1-up mushroom tattoo on my left upper arm.
Gaming is huge now, and has become engrained in our culture as deeply as cinema and television, and it’s never going to go away now that it’s here. There are so many references in games that make amazing tattoos, whether you’re a shooter player, a role player, a platformer lover or a fighting game fanatic. There’s something for everyone and while these tattoos become dated in enough time, they become the good kind of dated. Anecdotal and never irrelevant once they are there.

FullTattoo Some Crazy Tattoo IdeasJust one word for this tattoo – WOW! 

Technology is playing an increasingly integral role in our lives, so you can even take this beyond gaming. I see a lot of really neat pixel art tattoos that aren’t from a particular game or anything, but are just designs or images someone turned into eight or sixteen bit graphics, and then had made into a tattoo. It looks surreal and rather interesting on skin, with India ink.

I also see a lot of UPC code designs, which are neat too. Some are bar codes, others are mobile codes, and while they may or may not mean anything now, and definitely won’t mean anything later on, they maintain their quirky aesthetic which means that when their meaning as a code is gone, they still work as just body art. But, let’s talk about the craziest tattoo design I have ever seen. I don’t know how the artist did this, but it must have been costly and painful for the recipient. The person having this tattoo done was a photographer and nature lover, and they had taken this breathtaking photo of a sunset over a mountain valley in Peru. Somehow, the artist was able to recreate the photo on their back almost but not quite photo realistically. When they showed it to me, it messed with my eyes for a minute until my brain finally convinced my eyes it wasn’t quite as sharp and detailed as the photo it came from (which I had seen beforehand). This is amazing, and I really don’t know how the artist did it, but I’d love to know.
These are just a few of the neat but crazy tattoo ideas that’re popular now, but in the 21st century, anything goes.