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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, what is a picture of words worth? Well, evidently it must be worth quite a bit, with so many people looking for quotes tattoo ideas nowadays. At one time, tattoos involving the written word were fairly limited to names, dates and the like, relating to personal, very dear memories of the person who bore them. In recent times, this has changed.

This is a result of both the increasing depth put into tattoos people choose, and the increasing skill of artists and quality of their tools as well. Once, it would have been difficult to do print at an even, lengthy level with this equipment, but that’s not the case anymore, and this opens up a lot of possibilities. So, what are some good quotes tattoo ideas?

Quotes Quotes Tattoo IdeasGood idea or bad? You decide. A very long quote tattoo

Well, first let me say that clichés should be avoided at all costs, because, well, they’re clichés. They mean little beyond practical axioms, and are kind of tasteless. Plus, you’re literally a walking cliché if you do this, and nobody wants to be that, do they? I didn’t think so.

The thing to consider is, what interests you? In your life, what intellectual pursuits are the most important and significant to you? Are you a man or woman of science? If so, consider a quote from one of the great science fiction authors or one of the great minds of science.

PainTattoo Quotes Tattoo IdeasA painful tattoo. And a nice quote

I have seen quite a few Heinlein, Clarke and Sagan quotes, and man, are those guys eloquent! Are you a fan of history? Well, there’s no end to quotes from historical figures and historians to choose from. Avoid quotes by vilified figures though, even if the quotes do have powerful meaning. People tend to see the speakers, not their words, when it comes to negatively enforced history. Don’t get a quote by Attila the Hun, Kublai Khan or Adolph Hitler tattooed on you, no matter how insightful it may be.

Are you a philosopher at heart? The Buddha is no end of great and powerful words to quote, as is Confucius, Ptolemy and Socrates. I for one am a fan of Nietzsche.
Something to avoid, though, are pop culture quotes, because they will lose their meaning over time. They will become dated, and they will quickly date you.

You’re no doubt familiar with people who were old enough in the 60s and 70s to get ink work done. Do any of their flower power and disco era cultural reference tattoos do anything more than date them severely now? This is what will happen with pop culture quotes if you have them tattooed on your body. If you really like a pop culture thing, and don’t mind this, then by all means do as you feel is right. You may be lucky and the thing you quote becomes one of the timeless treasures of our zeitgeist. Everything was merely pop culture when it was new, after all.
In truth, though, when considering quotes tattoo ideas, it’s best to search for something not cliché, and which holds a very special meaning to you, not to those around you.

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