Some Fierce Tiger Tattoo Ideas

The tiger belongs to the cat species and is one of the largest known carnivores! Their population growth rate, however, is steadily declining and many of the subspecies are in danger of being extinct. Personally, I feel that getting a tiger tattoo is a great idea; be it to support the on-going “Save Tigers” campaigns or to have a symbol of strength and pride on your body! If however tigers seem too strong for you and you prefer a softer tattoo idea then you should check out our post Lovely Cute Cat Tattoo Ideas and Design for more cat species tattoo inspirations.

If you’ve decided you want a tiger on your body but are not sure of exactly where, then worry not! We will show you several tattooing options and ideas for both men and women. Usually, people prefer to get such tattoos on their back since it gives them a lot of space to get creative with and really go all out. However, if you prefer to have smaller tigers, then inking a tiger tattoo on your arms or legs can work as well.

tiger Some Fierce Tiger Tattoo IdeasA huge sexy tiger covering most of her back.

armtiger Some Fierce Tiger Tattoo IdeasA fearless tiger inked on a man’s arm

tigerback Some Fierce Tiger Tattoo Ideas A sexy and colorful tiger got her back

armtiger2 Some Fierce Tiger Tattoo IdeasA ruthless and fearless tiger tattoo

cuteTiger Some Fierce Tiger Tattoo IdeasAnd finally, a cute little tiger tattoo – on a women’s leg

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