Tattoo Ideas for Men

Tattoo ideas for men, unlike women, haven’t really shaken stereotypes as much in recent years, though a wider range of “masculine” designs have been adopted to make it a bit less of a bland selection. Men and women are, whether we like it or not, very different kinds of people. Neither is superior, neither should be pigeonholed into social or domestic roles, but at the end of the day, they are not the same.

As a result, tattoo ideas for men tend to be somewhat different from that of women, because different things are special and significant to the male psyche than that of the female. Honestly, the stigma around acknowledging the differences in the sexes is just absurd. How dull would this world be if men and women thought identically? It’s the differences of outlook which make us, as a species, as rounded and enriched as we are.

LaughMale Tattoo Ideas for MenA pure male tattoo – Laugh Now!

So, let’s take a look at some of the new tattoo ideas for men which have become popular in recent times. We all know the old go to designs, such as scantily clad women, skulls, barbed wire, etc. While some of these can be pretty neat if they’re done well, they’re kind of old and tired.

Men are on the whole embracing their deeper sides and becoming more in touch with their philosophical and emotional centers in the 21st century, and this means that there are other, less … brutish or chauvinist designs that work rather well for tattoos. I notice that in a lot of the world, druidic geometric designs, as well as geometric pseudo-tribal designs are becoming widely popular with men in the past few decades. Exotic characters such as Chinese and Japanese writing are also becoming popular, because of the increasing international mindset of the digital age.

MaleFlowerTattoo Tattoo Ideas for MenNot your traditional “manly tattoo” – Flower on a man

But, men, like women, shouldn’t overlook the charm of stylized animal tattoos, which are transcendent of gender and philosophy. Men, despite being stereotypically considered out of touch with beauty, do in fact appreciate it and in their own ways, want to express it. This means that in some cases, even men can wear floral designs such as thorned roses and other gender-neutral flowers, and not feel ashamed of it.

However, when stepping outside of stereotypical designs, or these above, the go to for men now seems to be some sort of indication of national or heritage pride, and failing that, an expression of their personal interests. Irish men, for example, will often have a clover design, while native Americans may have a feather or a tribal insignia put on in stead.

Those who want to express personal intersts, such as cars, sports or games will probably have a team or automotive logo tattooed on, or possibly a game character or some element from the game tattooed on instead. We’ll talk about gaming tattoos in another article shortly though, as these really transcend genders as well.

Finally, one really popular trend I’ve noticed with guys lately is the use of Egyptian hieroglyphics. I can’t personally speak for whether or not these actually say anything, but they do look cool. In a sea of Chinese symbols, barbed wire and Harley Davidson logos, they’re refreshing to say the least, and one of the more unique tattoo ideas for men I’ve seen in a while.

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