Tattoo Your Company’s Logo

Alright well, this is quite a different and rare tattoo idea. People often get quotes, names, inspirational sayings inked on their bodies. But how often do you see someone walking around with a tattoo that shows off their company’s logo? Now, do not get me wrong, you should only consider getting such a tattoo if you are 100% committed to your job and are at a position where your job is not in too much danger. You do not want to get a McDonald’s tattoo the day you land a job there – it is quite possible that in a couple of years you will not be working there anymore and will probably regret getting this tattoo. So think wisely, and then go ahead with the tattoo.

Another amusing thing is that people would sometimes tattoo a company logo that are not of their own, such as people inking the Apple logo tattoo onto their arms. Most of the time it is because such people and companies share a common belief and vision, and people would want to express their similar views by tattooing those company logos. So by inking an Apple logo that might indicate their consensus on innovative and different thinking, or a Nike logo tattoo that would indicate a Just Do It altitude of life.

BuzzTrampStampsTattoo Tattoo Your Companys Logo

She got really creative with her company name tattoo on her back

BestBuyTattoo Tattoo Your Companys Logo

 This person loves Best Buy’s Geek Squad

ILoveIkea Tattoo Your Companys Logo

 IKEA tattoo on his right arm

AppleTattoo Tattoo Your Companys Logo

Apple Logo Tattoo with a slight twist (the colors)

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