Traditional Tattoo Ideas For Women

Tattoo ideas for women have changed in the 21st century, and this is a good thing. Like the role of women in society, no longer must the ink work that ladies choose be stereotypical and limiting to their femininity. Obviously, there will always be some designs and ideologies which are far more befitting to women than to men and vice versa because, equal or not, we’re very different creatures and this is a good thing when it’s all said and done.

So, when looking for tattoo ideas for women, ladies are no longer limited to the stereotypes of hearts and cutesy things that they once were, but of course, some tattoo ideas may not look good on a woman and accentuate her natural beauty and personality. So, what works, beyond the traditional and old hat concepts? Well, many things. Women can wear tribal tattoo designs, especially Polynesian and South American ones rather well. The truth is, these are very gender neutral, but I must say, having known women with such tattoos, they can look incredibly flattering when placed properly – and no I do not mean in naughty areas.

RoseTattoo Traditional Tattoo Ideas For WomenThe good old tattoo – a Rose

Symbols of various forms are also mostly gender neutral, and I see women taking to them more than men. Things like peace signs and ancient insignias representing various social ideas seem to be popular with ladies born after 1985, and the trend is growing. One design that was originally considered very masculine are the barbed wire and thorn patterns on arms and legs, which is now being widely adopted by women. It looks better on women than men, it turns out, so by the end of this decade, it’ll likely be considered something of theirs far more than something belonging to the guys. Now, despite the fact that I pointed out an end to stereotypes, there are a few “typically” feminine design ideas that look wonderful and shouldn’t be shirked just because they -are- women’s designs. Roses and lilies are very attractive flowers, and they tend to look very nice on women. They’re feminine but without being overtly so. They’re classy, and they tend to resist the passing of time and the aging of skin pretty well due to their color fortitude.

Of course, just about any tattoo design will work on a woman if it works on a man, with some exceptions. But, these are the ones that I’ve seen and remember off the top of my head that worked really well on nice looking ladies to just enhance their appearance yet further. If looking for tattoo ideas for women, these are absolutely an excellent starting point, though they far from end here. Take these suggestions, and continue research from here before making any choices.

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