Tribal Art Tattoo Ideas

So you are a fan of body art, and you’re looking for some tribal art tattoo ideas. You do know that these tend to be one of the more painful forms of tattoo to have done due to their intricacy and scale, right? Well, then you’re a tough one and I admire you. Tattoos are a big decision, because unless you want to go through a lot of pain and expense to have it removed, you will spend the rest of your life bearing the marks you choose. No pressure, right?

th Tribal Art Tattoo IdeasA creative and detailed tribal tattoo

Well, when it comes to tribal art tattoo ideas, it really depends on what your motive is in choosing them. Most people with such designs are representing some heritage they either have genetically, or of a culture that they personally admire for one reason or another. In this case, you probably know the kinds of markings you want, you’re just not sure where to place them.

A word of advice with tattoos in general is that in most of western culture, it’s best to avoid the forearm, hands or face when getting a tattoo. This way, should you feel the need to be in a place that frowns on public display of such artwork, it is easy to comfortably cover up. There is also a social stigma in these cultures regarding tattoos on the head, often being wrongfully and stereotypically associated with criminal elements or less savory social movements. Of course these are wrongful profiling mindsets, but they are what they are.

Tribal Tribal Art Tattoo IdeasTribal Tattoo Idea

Now, if you’re just a fan of tribal designs, but have no personal connection with anything specific, I should feel that before I make suggestions, I should say something. Be respectful of other cultures. If you love their designs, that’s wonderful, but it’s respectful to use designs that’re very similar to theirs, rather than literally copying their designs. In many cultures where tattooing is a social norm, the designs are sacred and have deep meanings. Most cultures won’t really take offense, but … let’s respect them, shall we?

When looking for tribal art inspiration, in this situation, it’s best to seek out the more abstract markings. These are hard to accidentally misinterpret as you travel about our planet, and tend to be more timeless. A good example of these sorts of markings are Polynesian and Maori tattoo designs, which have become increasingly popular as the world’s focus on the pacific rim increases in modern times. They tend to consist of intricate interleavings of circles, curves and lines that can be very attractive and respectable, and tend to go well with any skin tone and both genders. Similar markings can be found in South America, originating with the Inca, Maya and Olmec cultures, though they tend to consist more of dots and angular lines than the curves of Polynesia.

tribetattoo Tribal Art Tattoo IdeasYet Another Tribal Tattoo

Those looking to not disrespect very much alive and noble tribal cultures can also look to tribes that no longer exist for inspiration as well. Looking to the designs left by the ancient European, Asian and African cultures can bring some very beautiful designs that are tasteful, respectable and very memorable. The key when looking for tribal art tattoo ideas is remembering first why you are pursuing them, and in most cases, just being respectful to those to whom the markings may be very special and sacred.

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