Snake Tattoos Designs For You

Snakes are feared by humans and yet some men and women tend to ink their body parts with the deadly snake images. They find it sexy, stylish and trendy. Tribal snake tattoos have both optimistic and pessimistic meaning in them. Some people see snake as the evil creatures and find the tattoos linked to evil things. But, naturally the snakes are not harmful and their biting only occurs due to mistakes and for the fear of being attacked. According to Bible and other Christian books, the serpent is the first evil thing appeared in the world, which spoiled the man Adam and so they are considered very evil thing.

snake tattoo 4 Snake Tattoos Designs For You

image.preview Snake Tattoos Designs For You

skull and snake tattoo Snake Tattoos Designs For You

snake tattoos 5 Snake Tattoos Designs For You

Snake Tattoos Design 5 Snake Tattoos Designs For You

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Cut March 17, 2013 at 2:46 pm

I always read about pelope trying to get into tattooing on here and every single one has a tattooist ( supposedly pro) preaching about how you need an apprenticship to become a tattooist. When I highly doubt that the know themselves that the first person to ever start tattooing didn’t need a mentor and that there skill came from good old fashion trial and error. Any moron knows that it takes a bit of practice to become a professional at anything and that they never could do what they do when they started out. I’m pretty sure that more than half of the artist out there have all started out in there basements doing the exact same thing there preaching about not doing. Just seriously tired of hearing that you have to have an apprenticship to be a good artist when all it really takes is a bit of study and practice. I learn from watching others and I’ve done quite well on myself from watching others get tattooed and videos I’ve found online so eat it. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing till I feel I have mastered my tool and then I’ll get my license to tattoo others. If your gonna critize others about it you have no right to be an artist of any kind. A real artist appreciates others work no matter the flaws you see and if you feel someone is doing something unsafe be a kind heart and educate to help that person move forward. So what if another artist is out there if your that good then you shouldn’t have to worry and at the worst it’ll give you more work if they suck. Just saying I’m going to keep doing what i’m doing and when i feel i’m ready i’ll move the next step forward in my work. until then if you want to say something say something helpful and stop talking shit because you were con-ed into paying thousands of dollars to learn a trick or 2 that we can now learn off the internet or dvds for free or 20+ bucks..


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