Your Tough Gun Tattoo Ideas

One of the reasons why people would want to tattoo themselves are because they want to look tough. And if you are a tough guy or a tough gal, you are going to fall in love with gun tattoos. Not only do they display a toughness aura around you, but it’s also a very popular choice of tattoo that will add a huge chunk to your coolness and attractiveness factors. I know, seldom do being cool and yet attractive cross paths, but gun tattoos are one of these rare kinds, and they are awesome tattoo ideas for men or women who are either trying out their 1st tattoo or want to get another addition to their tattooing arsenal. We gathered some tattoo photos below to give you a taste of what it feels to have these bad-ass guns tattooed on your body!

gun tattoo2 Your Tough Gun Tattoo Ideas

A dark-inked long pistol tattoo looks ultra sexy when inked on the thighs! Perfect tattoo idea for women if you want to grab anybody’s attention. This gun tattoo pretty much speaks for itself.

gun tattoo5 Your Tough Gun Tattoo Ideas

A nice little gun pistol tattoo would come in handy when men’s hands are placed in the wrong place.

gun tattoo3 Your Tough Gun Tattoo Ideas

Celebrities such as Rihanna have in many occasions displayed their small sexy gun tattoo on the right side of her back.

gun tattoo4 Your Tough Gun Tattoo Ideas

You may want to tattoo a nice colorful design of a dual-cylinder revolver on your forearms, just so you always have a pair of guns up your sleeves!

gun tattoo6 Your Tough Gun Tattoo Ideas

How about tattooing your knuckles with a hardcore AK-47 machine gun for a twist?


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